New Media

The Body Ophelia Installation


The Body Ophelia explores the uncharted territory of one of Shakepeares’ most enigmatic characters, mapping the psyche and explorations of Ophelia off the stage, the time and space between her silence and her madness. The piece also explores the case studies of Sigmund Freud and Joseph Breuer from their landmark 'Cases in Hysteria', published in 1893 and seen as crucial in the understanding of the subconscious in the 20th century.



A series of performance and new media texts for posthuman futures.

Bio Home: the Chromosome Knitting Project

2006 - present
BioHome: The Chromosome Knitting Project is a hybrid performance/installation incorporating live ‘wet biology’ practices in a contemporary biotech display home. The installation features video, interactive sound, live performance and text. ‘Wet biology’ procedures such as plant DNA extraction and live insect cell culturing are used to explore reproductive futures and biotechnologies.