Dr Egg and the Man With No Ear


After a man loses his ear in a freak accident with a snappy bull terrier, a mysterious scientist called Dr Egg offers to grow the man a new one. But there’s a catch: the doctor needs a piece of flesh from the man’s precious daughter. The man refuses to harm her, but his daughter finds her way to Dr Egg’s laboratory anyway. And instead of just an ear an entire new person grows... Now she’s bound to get an earful when her dad finds out.

Selling Grandma

Selling Grandma was researched and devised by Death Defying Theatre in association with the Public Service Association of N.S.W. (PSA) We interviewed a wide range of public service workers and PSA members from a cross section of government departments and authorities, as well as workers and industrial officers at the PSA.



In a lush and jungle-like garden, it is spring. The birds are twittering and giant blooms nod in the wind. The music is expectant and new. The garden is a place for new beginnings. There is just a hint of playfulness and the future monstrous garden.

Succulent was a theatrical production incorporating puppetry and live action, produced by Terrapin Puppet Theatre, as a part of Insatiable at the Peacock Theatre, Hobart.