Catherine's Texan adventure to SXSW

Earlier this month Catherine jetted off to the USA for the 22nd annual SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas.

Over a packed five days, Catherine attended a whole bunch of awesome sessions with the likes of immersive storyteller Lance Weiller. She also had sessions with interactive gurus Johnathan Belisle and Vincent Routhier from SAGA in Quebec, with their immersive story Wuxia the Fox. Catherine also participated in the SXSW Open Games Narrative workshop run by Dutch game designers Karel Millenaar from FourceLabs, and Joris Dormans from Ludomotion

There was also the opportunity to rub shoulders with Dr Who and Sherlock writer Steven Mofatt in the PBS Pound.

It was an exciting whirlwind of interactive narratives and innovative gaming in the Lone Star State, an experience which will undoubtledly inform the direction and development of The Dr Egg Adventures.

The SXSW Interactive Program ran from 13-17 March and was funded by Dr Egg Digital's 2014 Literature Board New Work Grant.

Check out the photos of Catherine's time at SXSW below, along with some of the festival highlights.

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Joris Dormans and Karel Millenaar.


The PBS Pound offered festival-goers a chance to unwind. Catherine met up with fellow Aussie Cheryl Northey, as well as Dr Who and Sherlock writer Steven Mofatt and his partner, Sherlock producer, Sue Vertue.


The Gaming Pavilion had some phenomenal sessions on innovative gaming strategies, presented by Tracey Fullarton and her colleagues from the University of Southern California Innovation Lab.


There were plenty of hands-on gameplay opportunities.


Kylee Ingram displays her wares at the Gaming Pavilion. Kylee is the producer of "Habitat", an environmental app supported by the Wildlife Conservation Fund.


Class Craft game designers, brothers Shawn and Devin Young.


Some of the other Australians in Austin included performance artist and Creative Australia Fellowship recipient, Cat Jones.


SXSW Create was open to the public and featured 3D printing, maker displays and much more.