There Waits the Wolf

1996 - 2011

Why do adolescents keep diaries? For whom are they written and who will read them? Between the pages of one girl's journal, a nascent sexual and social awareness comes alive. Between the music lessons, the mall, the ironing and the kitchen chores, an erotic and secretive tale unfolds.

This radio play was written by Catherine Fargher and produced and directed by Jane Ulman, with Catherine as assistant director. Russell Stapleton worked as sound engineer and Jane and Russell devised the radio treatment for 'The Listening Room' program at ABC Radio National in 1996.

The play explores a young girls sexual awakening, from the pages of her "Snoopy diary", which brings alive her encounters from the school orchestra to the dark forests of her imagination. The writer’s original verbatim 1977 "Snoopy diary" texts are intercut with Red Riding Hood, as well as an interview with Angela Carter, exploring sexuality and the Red Riding Hood story.

The work was originally conceived as a live performance text titled I Was A Teenage Love Addict and was first performed for The Performance Space Open Season programme in June 1994. The performers were members of "Snoopy 77" - a group who formed specifically for the development of this script.