Sugar Sugar

Artistic Team

Writer and Performer Catherine Fargher
Documentation Mara Barbagallo
Direction Greg Clarke & Victoria Spence
Still Photography Heidrun Lohr 
Producer Angharad Wynne-Jones, Jonathon Parsons & Club Bent
Curatorial Committee Groovi Biscuit, Victoria Spence & Catherine Fargher
Film Footage Gone with the Wind, MGM Pictures


1996 The Performance Space Redfern, Sydney (Club Bent)

1998 It's Queer Up North UK

"Sugar Sugar" explores the intricately sticky links between female sexuality, erotica, addiction and the consumption of that sweetest of all substances, sugar. "Sugar Sugar" looks at it all - the craving/ the rush/ the lightheadedness of desire/ the longing for nectars of both metaphysical and manufactured varieties. "Sugar Sugar" includes a hint of post-colonial deconstruction as it presents the Southern Belle, perhaps the daughter of a rich plantation owner who is hooked on the very substance that has made her daddy rich. Its incestuous twist at the end reveals the reason for her dependance. The setting is lush - velvet couches, satin dresses, piles of sugar and sugar raining from the ceiling, cornucopias of desire. The performance is both comic and epic and explore the themes of food and it's metaphorical, psychological as well as physical meanings in our life. Approximate length of performance - 15 minutes.

Sugar Sugar from Dr Egg and the Man with No Ear on Vimeo.

"Sugar Sugar" was performed as part of Club Bent at the Performance Space, Redfern, Sydney in 1996, and in 1998 Catherine toured it with other Australian, UK and New York artists for It's Queer up North in Manchester, Glasgow, Warwick and London (funded by the Australia Council, and Britain’s Lottery Arts Fund).