queer performance

The Love Addict


Celeste is tormented by two forces: the love addict/monster that lurks within her, and her concerned blonde counsellor.

Sugar Sugar


"Sugar Sugar" explores the intricately sticky links between female sexuality, erotica, addiction and the consumption of that sweetest of all substances, sugar. "Sugar Sugar" looks at it all - the craving/ the rush/ the lightheadedness of desire/ the longing for nectars of both metaphysical and manufactured varieties. "Sugar Sugar" includes a hint of post-colonial deconstruction as it presents the Southern Belle, perhaps the daughter of a rich plantation owner who is hooked on the very substance that has made her daddy rich.

The Marigold Hour


Is it the smell of a Lily that makes it alluring before you have even laid eyes on it? The strong scent drifting towards you on the hot summer night air, making you no more than a sensual beast , drawn dumbly forwards to sniff it's nectar moist insides, to fondle it's pollen doused stamens?

Welcome to the monstrous gorgeous gardens of desire, home of assorted hot house flowers, delicate pansies, and the hardened succulents of the lesbian and gay underworlds. You might even meet the ghost of Don Dunstan!